Tekno “The More The Better” Album Review

The More The Better


  • Genre: Afrobeats
  • Date: 01 Sep, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 13
  • ℗ 2023 Tekno

Tekno made a comeback on September 1, 2023, with the release of his sophomore album, “The More The Better.” Overall, the new album is highly engaging and a commendable improvement over his last effort. It’s a project you can’t skip because of the outstanding sequence.

Tekno doubles down on a more polished version of his hallmark sound, adding a dash of Dido, Fela, Awilo Logomba, and African China classics to the contemporary afrobeats mix. Second albums are said to be cursed, but “The More The Better” breaks the myth and becomes Tekno’s most solid collection of work to date.

Album Cover Art

Tekno &Quot;The More The Better&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 21, 2024

Tekno takes on the form of a three-headed demi-god, who seems to have been hit by some wild, unpredictable carnage that disintegrates his body. However, the decimating cracks don’t crawl up any farther than his shoulder, almost making it seem like he’s using all three minds to preserve what’s left of his form, which indicates a great deal of resilience.

Tracks and Features

Putting a brilliant spin to Dido’s 2009 classic, “Thank You,” Tekno sets the ball rolling with “Twice Shy.” And from the wealth of his personal experiences, Slim Daddy tells us to have a firm grip on our sanities, especially while walking through the fire and pestilence. Also, his delivery tells you how up to speed Tekno has brought himself. The brief hiatus did not rob his melodies and songwriting of their characteristic fire, instead it succeeded in fueling it. This inspirational track is proof. The production was beautifully crafted for Tekno’s vocals.

The vibes keep rolling and you have to give it up for Tekno, for real. Man returns with even harder melodies for “The More The Better,” an ode to enjoyment and the good life. Another thing you have to respect Tekno for is his beat selection. He knows just how to pick beats that are flexible with his vocal range. DJ Coublon and Fiokee storm in with one of the most insane Afrobeat productions on “King of Pop.” And sure enough, Tekno tells us why he fancies himself the KOP by mesmerizing us with breathtaking melodies accompanied by a lit party vibe that wills you into dancing. The arrangement and composition of keys and melodies is stellar and pretty ingenious.

In “Lokation,” Tekno sings to his baby about his desire to rest his head on her pillow case. So, he asks for her lokation and hopes not be aired. Great delivery, even with the less complex route taken. “Pocket” sends things back to the dancefloor with its hard-hitting bass and drums. Tekno celebrates being rich, basically, and spurs you to live a little especially if your coffers are lined. “Borrow” finds the singer professing love to his woman. But however smitten he is, he can still detect fake love or when the real thing starts turning into that. Again, Tekno comes through with sleek melodies for the track’s chorus, which really makes an impression.

“Regina” with Africa’s Boyfriend, CKay, is the only song with a guest feature. And the same way Tekno helped CKay shower praises on “Nneka,” CKay pulls out the stops for Tekno. With this, both singers have proven to be quite the great collaborating creative duo. After touching on some relatable issues concerning politics and everyday life in “Play,” he concludes the album with “Can’t Chase.” He said there were things couldn’t take, one of such being chasing after someone’s love. Being one in need of love does not strip him of his self-worth, and he sings like one who has discovered the true value of peace.

Album Theme

Tekno’s music is designed to be fun but in “The More The Better,” he nonetheless discusses the reality that affects his community. The record doesn’t take any mental gymnastics to contextualize it or capture his state of mind, much like the classic Tekno music.


1 Twice Shy 3:00
2 The More The Better 2:16
3 Flashing Lights 3:07
4 Peppermint 2:22
5 King of Pop 2:21
6 Peace of Mind 2:51
7 Lokation 2:26
8 Pocket 3:02
9 Permit 2:35
10 Borrow 3:19
11 Regina (feat. CKay) 3:53
12 Play 2:24
13 Can’t Chase 3:22

Production Credits

June Nawakii (Twice Shy and Flashing Lights), Taylor Ross and Tuzi (The More The Better, Regina, and Can’t Chase) provided production services. Fiokee co-produced King of Pop with DJ Coublon and was a co-producer on “Lokation” with Selebobo and Tekno.

“Peppermint,” “Permit,” and “Borrow” were created by Egar Boi. “Peace of Mind” and “Pocket” beats were created by Insane Chips. “Play” was produced by renowned producer Kriz Beats.


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