Elijah Oyelade “Love in My Heart” Album Review

Love in My Heart

Elijah Oyelade

  • Genre: Christian
  • Date: 14 Apr, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 10
  • ℗ 2023 Yeshua World Records

Elijah Oyelade &Quot;Love In My Heart&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 23, 2024

Elijah Oyelade is a pastor, songwriter, teacher, and passionate worshipper. His music and worship approach has inspired and affected countless people worldwide. Elijah Oyelade’s songs are widely streamed and downloaded on streaming websites, making many popular online. His songs are notable for their passionate portrayals of his love for God and the establishment of His heavenly kingdom and rule on earth. In addition, he is renowned for living a life that is an example of love-based service to God and others.

Album Art

Elijah Oyelade &Quot;Love In My Heart&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 23, 2024

The Album Art shows the portrait Image of the prolific gospel artist as he grins with a broad smile, all dressed in black and with the backdrop being black too.

Tracks And Features

This Album project contains ten powerful tracks and has just one featured gospel artist. It opens with the eponymous track with Elijah and his outstanding backup singers expressing their love for God and acknowledging his blessings. The fantastic track’s lyrics have Elijah putting it out there beyond what he faces daily; he still brings praise and worship to God with so much “love in his heart.’

The second track, “Take All The Credit,” has the Vocalist and ensemble declare that only God is “Worthy” and all the glory belongs to him. The track also progresses from the themes of the first track as he creates a worship atmosphere with his lyrics, melody, and sounds.

“You Are Forever” is another smooth, calming worship song that seeks to extol the names of God, highlighting his abilities and attributes while declaring that “Yaweh, You’re forever, And You reign Forever.”

The fourth track of the album is titled “Sweet Jesus,” Like the former tracks before it, it is another worship song that reverences the name of Jesus. One stand-out point of Elijah’s themes is the contextuality of his lyrics. The lyrics can relate to the listener as the Vocalist, and the backup melodiously brings life to the track’s composition.

“God All By Yourself,” says marvelous are the works of God, and Glorious is his name. The track also hinges on the prophetic as it says there is none like God who does miracles, signs, and wonders. A catchy and pleasant lead interlude amplifies the worship further and adds a spiritual edge to the song as the Vocalist speaks in tongues and ends the track afterward.

The delectable Gloria Amana is featured on “Yeshua,” and this track is undoubtedly one of the best on the album. As usual, the songwriting is impressive as the context of the lyrics emphasizes the adoration of Yeshua as the duo sings of their devotion and commitment to the faith. This track will get listeners to lift their hands and bow in worship as its delivery is applaudable—big-ups to the Back-ups who harmoniously combined to release pleasant sounds in conjunction with the instrumentalists.

“More Than Anything” is another love song to God as the Vocalist points out that seeking God for him is more than just normalcy; it’s a reciprocation of the love God has shown him, and as such, He gives his heart to God.

“Anu” is a praise jam full of gratitude for God’s goodness. The song, which also bears Yoruba lyrics, brings to light what God has done in the lives of the vocalists, and they, as such, return their gratitude to God and say Thank You.

“Na Me Be This” is another beautiful and soothing praise jam that says God has done beyond expectations and will continue to do what “no man Can do.” This track will have the listener moving from side to side as they come to terms with the lyrics and the melody that speaks of God’s faithfulness.

The closing track of this album, “Wetin’ You No Fit Do,” brings the listening journey to a danceable ending as Elijah says there’s only one God and nothing he cannot do. The song’s composition and delivery, especially the background and support vocals, make this track a good fit for closing the 10-track listening journey.





1 Love in My Heart 7:10
2 Take All the Credit 7:38
3 You Are Forever 7:37
4 Sweet Jesus 6:11
5 God All by Yourself 7:05
6 Yeshua (feat. Gloria Amana) 6:34
7 More Than Anything 5:46
8 Anu 5:45
9 Na Me Be This 5:53
10 .Wetin You No Fit Do 4:45

Album Summary

The Vocalist’s ministry has been distinguished by an uncommon outpouring of God’s presence, causing a deep revival in men’s spirits, healing the sick, and freeing the oppressed. This album continues to highlight the Vocalist’s efficiency and skill. Given that it has long been held that having gratitude is the finest method to approach God’s throne, “Love In My Heart” contains everything a worshipper needs to establish a spiritual connection.


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