Yung Lean “Stardust” Album Review


Yung Lean

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2022-04-07
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12
  • ℗ 2022 World Affairs

Stardust Is a personal, step-by-step journey into the chaotic but beautifully trippy universe of Yung Lean. This LP serves as a follow-up to his 2020 studio album, Starz. He allows himself to become vulnerable ok this project, inviting some of his friends on the journey.

There’s hardly a bad song on this project. He had no hard time being himself in his self-established stylish way. Having Skrillex and the EDM influence on this body of work added a unique feel to the collective project, showing his versatility.

Album Cover Artwork

Yung Lean &Quot;Stardust&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 2, 2024
Album Cover Artwork For Yung Lean&Rsquo;S &Ldquo;Stardust&Rdquo;.

Yung Lean’s head is shown with so much inside, from a white and black capsule to a crescent moon to a dark castle to flashes of lightning, which all depict the different sides and the many things that go on in his mind. Though appearing a bit chaotic, he still finds a way to express and deliver all the experiences and emotions he houses in different crevices of his mind.

Songs and Features

The first track, “Bliss” with FKA Twigs starts the body of work but turns out to be a catchy track though a bit uninteresting and noisy. Regardless, their voices have this unique way they come into sync as they both ride the complex beat that only very talented singers can handle.

Sliding down to the next track, “Trip”, Yung Lean busts into a trippy realm with spectacular bouncy beats. He appears ready to pay back his love interest in their coin on this track should they try to mess with him. That notwithstanding, he is willing to take trips and make hits with them. He just wouldn’t be messed with. Excellent rendition, to be honest. Lyrics and vocals on A1.

On “Gold”, he went mellow, reflecting on his life and how alienated his ways felt but found some comfort in smiling to the bank. He talks about how he healed his scars, carrying the somberness of his mood into his vocal delivery style.

“Starz2theRainbow” kicks the mood back into the trippy zone with an exceptional contribution from Thaiboy Digital. Those two made something classy and beautiful in this song, ending it with the chirping of a bird over the playing of a piano—a sonic pleasure to experience.

“All the things” sweep you off your feet, taking you right onto the dance floor with the EDM nature of the song’s arrangement and up-tempo beat. He did well. Pretty good.

He invites Skrillex on “Lips”, where he talks sensual, expressing his desires for a mystery woman and trying to woo her with his fine words and rhyme. But, above all, he seemed to be most on her lips, as he wanted to give her a “kiss, kiss, kiss.”

He arrives at “Paradise Lost” and finds Ant Wan, who he links up with to talk about their personal struggles over the strumming of a guitar—delivered with a dose of emo.

On “SummerTime Blood”, we find Skrillex again, but this time joined by guest artists Bladee and Ecco2k, who bring their different flames to the EDM heat. A groovy party tune.

“Nobody else” finds him reaching into the depths of his heart as he opens up about his personal issues, saying he’s trying to stay out of problems only to turn out to be a problem to himself. Worrying about others long became a thing of the past. A great song. A very chill vibe.

Ending the song with “Visions (Outro)” was a great decision. The Swedish rapper only wants peace and money. However, he couldn’t care less about the fame—12 impressive tracks.


No Title Artist Time
1 Bliss Yung Lean & FKA twigs 2:51
2 Trip Yung Lean 2:58
3 Gold Yung Lean 1:51
4 Starz2therainbow (feat. Thaibo Yung Lean 3:48
5 All the Things Yung Lean 2:54
6 Lips Yung Lean & Skrillex 2:37
7 Paradise Lost (feat. Ant Wan) Yung Lean 3:47
8 Summertime Blood (feat. Bladee Yung Lean & Skrillex 3:02
9 Nobody Else Yung Lean 2:37
10 Waterfall Yung Lean 4:30
11 Letting It All Go Yung Lean 2:28
12 Visions (Outro) Yung Lean 2:04

Album Theme

Vulnerability while being stylish with it. He explores different angles of his creativity to express himself.

Production Credits

For this album, Yung Lean worked with the following producers: Art Dealer, Fredrik Okazaki, Jack Donoghue, Lusi, Skrillex, Ssaliva, Whitearmor, Woesum & Yung Sherman.


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