Best 15 Nigerian Birthday Songs

Birthdays are memorable periods as they bring memories of people’s birth right before them. For some people, those are moments of introspection, and for others, it is a time to have a wonderful experience and whatever else makes them happy. To each his choice.

The idea of celebrating birthdays has been around for as long as one can remember. Although it is not our intention to dwell on how birthdays came to be celebrated, we know for sure that some songs go well with birthdays and some others were specifically created to celebrate birthdays.

Of course, where choice is abundant, there is room for comparison, and this is patent in almost every area of life. The point is, there are many birthday songs out there, and there will never be a unanimous verdict about them all. Some people will find some songs charming while others might find the same songs drab.

That’s part of the beauties of life – this prevalence of a subjective universe. Anyway, in this post, we shall treat what we consider the best 15 Nigerian birthday songs. The list is given in no particular order, but we are confident that you will love what we have put together.

1. Wizkid – Blessed Ft. Damian Marley

Taken out of “Made in Lagos,” this song, “Blessed,” by Wizkid, featuring Damian Marley, resonates with a patent celebratory note and is addictive on many levels. Life is riddled with challenges, but there is still life itself, with blessings that most times people overlook.

“Blessed” shows two collaborators taking stock of their blessings in a world plagued with upheavals. While the number might not have been released specifically for a birthday, it bears that birthday vibe that makes you want to have it on repeat, Really, you should.

2. Dr Sid – Pop Something Ft. D’banj

Birthdays are usually times to luxuriate in the moment and have a wonderful time, yes? Well, Dr Sid ensures that would be a truly memorable moment with the song he released in collaboration with another notable Nigerian musician.

“Pop Something” rings like the club banger it is – a number that liberates you from the prison of boredom and takes you into a place of exuberance. And best believe that you would be more than pleased to be there. No go ahead and “Pop Something” with these blokes.

3. Mr Eazi – Thank You (Freestyle)

He may not have had a birthday in mind when he released “Thank You (Freestyle),” but Mr Eazi’s tune is one number that carried the birthday energy with ease. People are falling into one misfortune or the other, getting sick, dying. But there you are, still alive. Now that is more than enough reason to celebrate and be happy, confident that better things are just around the corner.

4. Tiwa Savage – Birthday

“Birthday” was released back in 2015 as one of the tracks on Tiwa Savage’s “RED” album. Around that period, the songstress was still signed to Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records. The number is what its title projects – about birthdays.

This liberating pop beat carries a party energy with it, as Tiwa Savage sings about a typical birthday bash at the club – a convivial time with the bottles flowing easily and the dancefloor hot from feet in a rhythmic flow. There is no reason not to love it.

5. Ada Ehi – Today Ft. Se Ok & Blessing Jackson

Ada Ehi illumines the symbolisms of birthdays with this charming tune titled “Today.” Your birthday is that day – “Today” – when you find yourself counting all the good things that have come your way since you popped into the material plane. The song is relatable and vibey, still something for the Christian. So make space for it each time

6. Sunny Neji – Happy Birthday

There is no pretence to this song – not in the title and certainly not in the lyrics. It was made for birthdays and it delivers easily in that regard. In other words, you can have the number for “your day” without regrets whatsoever.

The man behind the song is one of the notable names in Nigerian music although no longer active. In the early 2000s though, Sunny Neji was one of the most noticeable voices in Nigeria’s music space. He may have lost his position but he still has a secure place in the history of Nigerian music.

7. Burna Boy – Like To Party

“Like to Party” is Burna Boy affirming his love for life and all the good things that come his way. The “Africa Giant” would readily register his presence where the good things await him and he is keen for others to tag along and have a wonderful time.

Life is uncertain, and when one is alive, one has the chance to make the best use of it and not “dull himself.” What better to show that than by affirming a love for partying and its many other manifestations? Oh, that’s Burna Boy for you.

8. Lekana – Happy Birthday

Say Lekana and many people might not recall the name and the person behind it. Anyway, this songster has actually released a number that is worthy of a place on our list, and we are keen you should listen to it as well.

“Happy Birthday” is energising and memorable and carried that party spirit that will keep images of your birthday in your heart for a long time to come. It’s been years since the number was released, but the appeal remains.

9. Tosin Jegede – Happy Birthday

It’s all recollection and celebration here, and Tosin Jegeded makes sure that her listener is able to follow her from the beginning right down to the end of her song. And even at that, the desire to tap the play button again is pretty strong. The number is that appealing.

“Happy Birthday” makes you want to look beyond the moment and truly celebrate how far you have come, after all, you are still alive and could possibly have died had the universe not been merciful somehow.

10. King Sunny Ade – Congratulations (Happy Birthday)

King Sunny Ade, fondly called KSA, is one of the veterans in Nigeria’s music industry and one of the most respected, too. His track in review is something to check out if you’re looking for agreeable birthday songs.

11. Simi – Happy Birthday

Simi’s “Happy Birthday” tune bears that goofy, relatable vibe that will appeal to many out there. It is unclear why the number popped on YouTube and then vanished again. You can check out a “recreation” below anyway. This number will especially appeal to people in happy relationships.

12. Prince Nico Mbarga – Happy Birthday

He was one of the top music voices of his day. Although he is no longer on the material plane, he has created enough music that will keep his name alive in the history books of Nigerian music and entertainment. One such number is his “Happy Birthday” tune, which you can check out below.

13. Evi-Edna Ogholi – Happy Birthday

You’d certainly be forgiven if you have not heard the name Evi-Edna Ogholi before. While the songstress might not be making headlines at the moment, she’s got a charming voice and this wonderful tune dubbed “Happy Birthday,” which should easily take a secure place on birthday playlists out there. It should be your pleasure to check it out.

14. Pastor Ifeoma Eze – Birthday Prayer

For those looking for something spiritual, Pastor Ifeoma Eze makes that possible with her “Birthday Prayer.” This deeply moving spiritual tune will align your spirit with the cosmic and even provoke miracles in your subconscious. Not to be missed by the Christian.

15. Pasuma – Ojo Ibi (Birthday Song)

Pasuma’s “Ojo Ibi (Birthday Song)” is another worthy jam. Here, though, we’d allow you to find out for yourself by listening to it.


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