13M On Diesel: Paul “Rudeboy” Okoye Cries Out As He Complains About State Of The Economy

Well-known Nigerian singer Paul Okoye of PSquare has expressed dissatisfaction with the status of the nation’s economy. The musician bemoaned how much more money he now spends each month on diesel than he did when he first purchased a car. Many Nigerians were chatting after Paul PSquare revealed his spending habits, with some questioning whether he spends so much.

Popular Nigerian musician Paul “PSquare” Okoye made headlines when he posted about his financial difficulties on social media. The musician expressed his displeasure on Instagram stories about how much more money he spends each month than he did a few years ago. Paul, also known as Rude Boy, claims that although he paid N120,000 for his first car many years ago, he now spends N3 million a month on diesel. The singer didn’t stop there. He went on to call the state of affairs “complete madness” and questioned how the average person was managing. When Paul Okoye revealed his spending, it caused a stir among Nigerians. While some of them sympathized with the musician, others questioned his statements.

He wrote:

“Bought my first car 120k naira years back and I was very proud of that … now I spend 3m naira on diesel for just a month …Total madness. Only God knows what a common man is going through.”

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