50 Cent Apologizes To Those He Has ‘Offended’; Makes U-Turn On Trolling

50 Cent appears to have really turned a corner in his life in 2024. Since recently making an open admission to abstain from sex this year for a reason best known to him, he has also “u-turned” on his trolling ways and apologized to people he has offended. Given that he made fun of Diddy yesterday for declining to attend the 2024 Grammy Awards, it is unclear whether 50 is being sarcastic in his statement. 50 is known for making fun of those whom he considers to be his rivals, such as Rick Ross and Diddy. Recently, Diddy has been the focus of 50’s attention, especially since the media mogul was charged with sexual assault by Cassie, his ex-girlfriend, and three other women. He has angrily refuted every allegation of sexual assault.

However, this recent behaviour change could indicate a genuine shift in 50 Cent’s mindset and a desire to mend past relationships. It remains to be seen whether his apologies are sincere or a strategic move to improve his public image. Nonetheless, it is an unexpected turn of events for someone known for their provocative and aggressive nature. On Tuesday, January 16, 50 hinted at turning a fresh page in his Instagram post, writing:

“Hey if I have offended you in anyway, I like to apologize. We can get more done together, why we work against each other.”

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