Anderson .Paak And Jae Lin Set To Divorce After 13 Years Of Marriage

Anderson . Paak, the Grammy Award-winning musician, is ending his 13-year marriage with his wife, Jae Lin. On Friday, January 12th, he filed legal documents demanding a dissolution of marriage. TMZ, who first reported the news, states that Anderson has been low-key about his private life, but he clarifies that he wants a straight-up divorce, not a legal separation. He does not reveal the exact separation date but writes “TBD” in the designated area of the paperwork, leaving no room for questions. Anderson also mentions their two minor children, and he demands joint legal and physical custody with a visitation schedule for both him and Jae. He notes that they must hash out their custody arrangements, and he is unwilling to make a fuss. However, their legal teams have not agreed on dividing their assets and property, and he expects that to be resolved soon.

Anderson .Paak And Jae Lin Set To Divorce After 13 Years Of Marriage, Yours Truly, News, April 15, 2024

Jae, whose real name is Jaylyn Chang, met Anderson when she was a college music student. While the Associated Press lists 2010 as the year of their marriage, it is thought that they were married in 2011. Soul, six years old, and Shine, thirteen, are the couple’s two kids. Their marital life is unknown; however, Anderson stated in a “The Breakfast Club” interview that it was his second marriage. He claimed that his second marriage to Jaylyn is the one that matters, despite having previously been briefly married to a female he met at a church.

In an interview, he discussed the difficult beginnings of his marriage to Jae when he was laid off from his work at a marijuana farm and had to live on the streets. Soul, their oldest son, was born about the same time. Jae stuck by him through thick and thin, and they frequently resorted to couchsurfing or squatting. “She’s the one who came from Korea and didn’t speak any English; she’s the one who has the balls,” Anderson said, praising his wife for being brave in the marriage.

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