Anita Baker Lauds Victoria Monet’s Music; Calls It A “Melodic Masterpiece”

Victoria Monét, an American singer and songwriter, recently received her long-awaited wish of praise from the legendary Anita Baker. After nearly two years of waiting, Monét’s hard work paid off, as she finally got recognition from one of the greatest R&B singers ever. Monét’s undeniable talent has earned her three (DX Award) nominations for Best R&B Singer, Best R&B Album (Jaguar II), and Best R&B Song (“On My Mama”). The talented musician Monét has received seven nominations for the prestigious 2024 Grammy Awards. Among these, she has been nominated for Best New Artist, Best R&B Album for her album “Jaguar II,” Record of the Year for her hit song “On My Mama,” and a Best R&B Performance nomination for her mesmerizing track “How Does It Make You Feel,” which happens to be Baker’s favourite. This remarkable achievement is a testament to Monét’s exceptional talent and hard work.

Monét’s early 2022 tweet on January 4th tweet read,

“I wanna make a classic love song that Anita Baker would be proud of.”

Baker’s response to Monét’s tweet was a testament to Monét’s talent and hard work. In response to the “On My Mama” singer, the R&B icon expressed profound admiration for her exceptional 2023 track, “How Does It Make You Feel?” Baker said,

“You’ve already done it,”

“‘How Does It Feel’ is a melodic masterpiece. Congratulations on all your well deserved nominations & accolades & keeping R&B in your world/your generation.”

In under four hours, Monét crafted a response where she confidently expressed her gratitude for the praise, describing it as “a dream come true.”

“This is such an honor and a dream come true!!!”  “My gratitude for you and your art has always been immense and now to speak to you through mine feels so golden!!

“I love you to the stars and I thank you for these flowers! I’m in awe. Hope to hug you soon.”

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