Singer-songwriter Brandon Shares Stunning New Song “Steady”

He is Performing At 'this Ain't No Picnic' Festival In La On Sunday

Singer, songwriter, and producer Brandon shares his latest single titled “Steady” today. Arriving ahead of his performance at the LA-based This Ain’t No Picnic festival, the track is part of the new body of work from Brandon that he will be sharing in his set this weekend. “Steady” brilliantly displays Brandon’s extraordinary range through pop and beyond as well as his undeniable skills as a producer. The song captures Brandon’s striking ability to connect deeply with millions through human moments such as finding common ground and humility and his visceral sound that pulls at your heartstrings.Singer-Songwriter Brandon Shares Stunning New Song &Quot;Steady&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024

The track follows Brandon’s striking rendition of Phoebe Bridgers’ breakout song “Savior Complex,”, which was lauded by Bridgers herself in addition to Office Magazine, Teen Vogue and others.

24-year-old Brandon says what most of them just can’t through his music. He speaks for a generation of people existing on the margins and redefining social norms. He was born and raised in Riverside, CA, a city in which his family established a life after migrating to the US from Trinidad & Tobago, a small dual-island nation in the Caribbean. At 17-years-old, Brandon taught himself to play guitar and later to produce music from scratch, both of which guided him through one of the most tumultuous periods of his life and saved him. Lined with the inspiration and sounds of Sade, Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Jimi Hendrix, Brandon’s music serves as a vehicle for healing and a source for his grounding as he delves into his pain, anxiety, romantic relationships, and sense of self.

More to come from Brandon soon.


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