Asake Recounts How Olamide Counseled Him To Break Up With His Ex

Ahmed Ololade, a brilliant Nigerian Neo-fuji musician better known by his stage name Asake, has talked publicly about how his previous romance ended due to the influence of another artist, Olamide, prior to starting a relationship with Madame Mystiquee.

Asake revealed that Olamide, also known as “Badoo,” encouraged him to break up with his ex-girlfriend, stressing that she wasn’t the proper relationship for him, in an open interview that went viral online on Monday, March 25, 2024. Asake went into more detail on the conditions that gave rise to Olamide’s recommendation.

The musician recalled a pivotal occasion when he joyfully told his then-girlfriend about all the specifics of his contract, including extra benefits, after receiving his first sizable salary. But when he gave her N2M of his earnings, she thought it was insufficient given how much he had paid.

Asake opened up to Olamide, seeking advice on his relationship predicament, feeling distressed by the circumstances. He was taken aback by the YBNL signee’s firm response. Olamide suggested that Asake break up with his girlfriend and give his mother the N2M gift instead, using her response as a yardstick.

Asake’s disclosure highlights the supporting dynamic in the music industry and throws insight on Olamide’s impact and mentoring.

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