Asake Reveals How Long, And What It Took Him Before Signing Under Olamide’s YBNL

Ahmed Ololade, a talented musician from Nigeria who is widely recognized by his stage name, Asake, recently opened up about his journey to success in the music industry. Asake revealed that he had to endure a two-year-long waiting period and struggle to be signed by Olamide, a well-known rapper and CEO of YBNL Nation. Asake recounted how he was eventually invited to Olamide’s home, where he was offered a chance to join the record label. While Asake was overjoyed at the prospect of signing, he was initially hesitant due to the extensive waiting period. Olamide advised him to hire a lawyer and review the contract’s terms before signing. However, Asake was too impatient and eager to sign, so he accepted the offer immediately.

During an interview with Hip TV, Asake provided insights regarding his experience and rise in the industry and the YBNL experience.

“Before he [Olamide] signed me, I’ve been begging Baddo [Olamide] since 2020 to sign me.

“One day, I got to his house, then he asked me… This part burst my head. This is how he signed me. He said, ‘How are you, Asake?’ I said I’m fine. And he asked me, ‘Would you like to join YBNL?’

“You don’t understand, for somebody you look up to, somebody you respect, somebody you’ve been longing to see, to ask you that question. I told him that I’m ready. He said, ‘Go and think about it. Go and look for a lawyer.’ I said, ‘Baba, sign me now now now. I don’t want any lawyer. Because I love the [YBNL] family so much, even from afar.”

Asake moved significantly in his music career by officially joining YBNL Nation in February 2022. He also took the opportunity to release his debut extended play, Ololade, which features his famous track ‘Omo Ope’ featuring Olamide and the single ‘Sungba’. His talent and dedication to his craft have seen a large following impressed with his music and star power, while fans continue to expect more exceptional music from him in the future.

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