Ashanti’s Alleged Reply To Irv Gotti Can Be Heard In Diddy’s Video For The “Gotta Move On” Remix

Diddy makes a generous start to the weekend.

After releasing a number of “Gotta Move On” remixes, Diddy made a second appearance with the official video for the version featuring Ashanti and Yung Miami. The song, titled the “Queens Remix,” has Ashanti talking about an ex-boyfriend who just can’t get over her. Many believe the singer was alluding to Irv Gotti, who received harsh criticism for disclosing personal information about their purported liaison more than 20 years ago.

“It’s giving obsessed, it’s giving you stressed/It’s giving you pressed, it’s giving this n***a missing the best,” Ashanti sings. “But it’s been 20 years, please cry less/We can see you and your tears.”

Irv received criticism this year for his crude comments about Ashanti and their fleeting romance. He implied that she wasn’t remarkable enough for him to miss her by saying that her 2002 hit song “Happy” was conceived right after they had sex. Both fans and prominent hip-hop artists like Fat Joe and Ja Rule criticized the remarks.

“I think it was just perfect timing,” said Ashanti regarding the “Queens Remix” release. “There was a lot of stuff going on with me and a lot of controversy happening. Some people don’t know how to move on. So, I felt like this was an opportunity to tell people to move on.”

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