B-Red, Davido’s Cousin, Claims That His Attire Cost About N131M

B-Red, the cousin of famous Nigerian artist Davido, recently generated much interest on social media by disclosing the price of his entire costume in a viral video. Everything began when well-known skit creator, Egungun, saw B-Red relaxing at a bar and seized the opportunity to include him in one of his movies.

B-Red was sporting what many may have mistaken for a regular shirt, pants, and fez, but the price of what he was donning had several online users in disbelief. B-Red disclosed that his cap cost was $850 plus tax, his sunglasses were $700, his customized BRED pendant was $35,000, and the chain was $15,000 while responding to Egungun’s questions.

He continued by saying that one of the chains he was wearing was $12,000, while another was $25,000 in price. In addition, B-Red claimed his watch cost $30,000, his little bracelet $10,000, his two rings $18,000 and $10,000, his brand-new Versace shirt $1500, and his earrings $4,000. He also claimed his pair of pants, which his friend created for him, cost him N200,000.

He spent $2,000 on his Louis Vuitton slides, while the two bracelets, on his other hand, cost him $15,000 and $2,000, respectively. Last, the musician disclosed that his limited edition Louis Vuitton bag cost $5000, making his ensemble $177,000 (N131 million).

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