Kevin Gates Admits To Having Sex With His Cousin Despite Learning About Their Relationship

Kevin Gates has disclosed that he continued to sleep with his cousin even after they learned they were related for at least the second time. The City Girls rapper asked Yung Miami directly, “Did you really fuck your cousin?” during an interview for the Caresha Please podcast.

Three months into their relationship, he remembered his grandma grabbing him by the arm and saying, “Baby, that’s your cousin.” Gates added, “I ain’t about to stop,” as he kept dating the woman for another three years, clearly unconcerned.

In 2015, Kevin Gates often posted on Instagram about his unusual relationship.

“N-ggas be talkin’ about, ‘Yeah, Y’all look like brother and sister,’” he said at the time. “Shit no. I’m fuckin’ the shit out her, come to find out she my cousin, you heard me? But I ain’t bout to stop f–kin’ with her. Shit the p-ssy good and we click. Shit, I ain’t grow up with you knowing you was my people. I don’t get tired.”

In response to the feedback he was receiving, he later posted another video in which he justified his unpopular choice. “Man, y’all gonna stay out my muthafuckin’ business,” he said. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

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