BBN’s Doyin Slams Social Media Trolls In End-Of-Year Message

Doyin David, a former housemate of BBNaija, recently gave a “shoutout” to trolls who helped build her brand and maintain her celebrity status through their unsolicited opinions. The podcast host thanked the trolls for maintaining her name in the public eye and acknowledged the uninvited comments that surrounded her all year. Despite their criticism of her being “uninvited,” Doyin understood that it helped to shape conversations about her and establish her as a significant figure in public discourse. Her appreciation for the trolls’ contribution to her success was evident; she even referred to them as a “bunch of fools.”

Doyin’s acknowledgement of the trolls’ contribution to her fame was a sign of gratitude and an indication of her maturity and strong character. She did not allow the negativity of the trolls to weigh her down or make her feel inferior. Instead, she embraced it and used it as a stepping stone to even greater heights. In her toast to more “foolishness” and unsolicited opinions in the next year, Doyin demonstrated a willingness to continue to grow and evolve as a public figure. Her positive attitude towards criticism and her ability to turn it into something positive is remarkable.

Doyin wrote.

“How can I forget the trolls…. Your unsolicited opinions created a lot of talk around the name ‘Doyin David.’

“I’m grateful to you guys for neglecting your lives to focus on mine.

“Thank you for being a bunch of facts.

“Cheers to more unsolicited opinions and foolishness in the coming year.

“It’s all love,”

Bbn'S Doyin Slams Social Media Trolls In End-Of-Year Message, Yours Truly, News, April 15, 2024

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