BBTitans: Sandra Furious Over Mmeli Kissing Nelisa

Mmeli, a BBTitans housemate, and Nelisa are causing a stir after a viral video of them sharing a kiss in Nelisa’s bed went viral. Mmeli agreed to Nelisa’s request to sleep in her bed for the night and was seen passionately kissing.

Sandra, who is having a problem with Mmeli was in the kitchen making him food when she discovered their closeness. She returned to the kitchen furious and shared her thoughts with Blue Aiva. She mentioned that Nelisa had protection with her, which indicated that she was ready for more with Mmeli. Sandra has promised to confront Nelisa, if she isn’t evicted by Sunday.

Mmeli, 25, is a South African BBtitan housemate who lives in Johannesburg. Nelissa, a 25-year-old Johannesburg resident, said that if she could drink, it would be champagne. She considers herself to be interesting to watch.

It is not the first time Nelissa has stirred up trouble in the house. Thabang was also caught on camera kissing Nelissa just days before. Drama and tension have been high among housemates on different occasions.

The show’s fans are eagerly waiting for Sunday’s eviction. They want to know if Nelissa will go and if Sandra will fulfill her promise to confront her. Fans have been on edge and entertained by the developments at the BBTitans house.

Mmeli’s and Nelisas’s closeness has created a rift within the BBTitans house. Sandra’s reaction to this is being closely watched. Fans will be entertained and engaged by the events at the house.

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