Everyone Is Nice And Welcoming Except Khosi – Sandra

“And let the drama begin!”

Sandra Essien, a BBTitans housemate who was introduced to the house recently, appears to be a threat to Khosi, another housemate, because of another housemate, Yemi Cregx.

Funny right?

Before the Big Brother show, Sandra was a friend of Yemi’s, and now his love interest, Khosi, feels threatened by their reunion.

Sandra confided in Biggie during the diary session about her relationship with Khosi.

An excerpt of what they said:

Biggie to Sandra : How are you feeling today

Sandra : I’m good, I’m getting to know all the other housemates, everyone is nice and welcoming. Except the ones giving me the stink eye

Big Brother : And who is giving you the stink eye

Sandra : you know some ladies that haven’t been that welcoming

Big brother : Kindly be more specific

Sandra : khosi

This Year’s reality show of the Big Brother Fame was tagged Big Brother Titans and had housemates from Nigeria and South Africa. The twists and turns of the game has only begun and tempers will surely let fly in the coming weeks.

With the way events from the show are beginning to trend daily, this season promises to be very entertaining and drama-filled to say the least.

Already Jinxed? Nah..

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