BBTitans: South African Housemates Fall In Love With Jenni O’s Egusi Soup

The Big Brother Titans housemates representing Nigeria have given the country some bragging rights using an indigenous dish prepared by the lovely cook Jenni O to win over their South African counterparts. However, after Jenni fixed up a delicious pot of Egusi soup, some of the housemates repping Mzansi could not believe their taste buds! Kanaga began spreading the egusi gospel and converted Tsatsii, who enjoyed the tasty delicacy. However, Justin wasn’t feeling Kanaga’s egusi campaign, possibly because he was up for eviction? Bless his troubled heart.

Another South African housemate caught in the egusi wave was Thabang. Speaking to Khosi, he said it was “really nice” after he had tried it, though many Twitter users wanted to paint him a hater of the dish. However, the man seemed genuine in his expression.

Mmeli is another SA housemate that also felt the egusi vibe as he was proudly enjoying his food standing next to Tsatsii, who had already been won over.

Ipeleng also fell in love with egusi and introduced a combo that most Nigerians hadn’t explored. The babe whipped out some bread to enjoy her egusi, not giving a hoot, causing some Nigerian Twitter users to want to do the same.

There has to be something about Jenni O’s cooking that makes her the “Iya Basira” of this reality TV show. However, other housemates repping Mzansi were not sold on the egusi dish, but we cannot be bothered. Nope.

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