BBTitans: Biggie Presents Four New Housemates With A First Twist

Four new housemates have recently been added to the ongoing television reality series Big Brother Titans (BBTitans). On Thursday, Biggie, the show’s coordinator, welcomed the new residents. This is the first twist of the season, as Biggie shocked his housemates at the first pool party by letting in their new roommates. Even though they were taken aback, the older housemates who were first revealed to fans on Sunday welcomed their new roommates with open arms.

24-year-old Miracle OP, who hails from Anambra State, presented himself as funny, talkative, and risk-taking. He is a tough guy with a soft core who works for his family’s pharmaceutical company. He enjoys being the center of attention, having a good time, and occasionally acting impulsively. On the other hand, Sandra, a 27-year-old Nigerian woman from Akwa Ibom, characterized herself as a self-assured boss who sometimes exhibits passive aggression and manipulation.

She describes herself as a businesswoman, model, hostess, and former beauty queen. A professional dancer and DJ from Benoni, East Rand, named Blue Aiva, 22, thinks of herself as a “bad bitch vibe” and drama queen who is outspoken, exuberant, emotional, and noisy. The Limpopo-born beauty claims that she has “daddy issues” that make her feel she has a lot to prove. Theo Traw, a 29-year-old South African musician from the Vaal region, added that he is a risk-taker and a good listener who enjoys creating works of art and making music.

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