Beyonce Called Out By Songwriter For Allegedly Taking “Unfair Percentage” Of Publishing Rights

The world of music is no stranger to the murky dealings behind the scenes, particularly regarding the predatory contracts many artists and songwriters are forced to sign with record labels. These issues often come to light when artists and labels enter into public disputes. For example, pop singer Sky Ferreira disagreed with her label’s unwillingness to release her new album for several years. However, the latest controversy involves one of the biggest names in music, Beyonce. Songwriter Tiffany Red recently made some serious allegations against the superstar in a video that has since been widely shared. Although she initially praised Beyonce, calling her the Michael Jackson of her generation, she made some significant accusations about the “unfair treatment” of songwriters.

Red specifically accused Beyonce of receiving an unfair portion of the publishing rights for songs on her album, Renaissance. According to Red, some of these tracks had allegedly been written years before the album was put together. Despite this, Beyonce reportedly received 25% of the publishing rights for these songs. Red’s reaction in the video made it clear that this percentage is unfair. However, not everyone in the comments section agrees with her. This has sparked a heated debate among music fans and industry professionals, with many taking sides and offering their opinions.

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