BNXN Responds To Trolls Making Fun Of Him For Not Touching Stefflon Don In Dance Clip

Buju BNXN, an Afrobeats singer, has drawn media attention as he explains why he refrained from touching Stefflon Don in their most recent dance video. The Nigerian star and the British rapper were seen dancing together while filming on site in a widely shared video. Despite being in close proximity to Stefflon Don while dancing, BNXN drew criticism for avoiding any physical contact.

By refusing to touch Stefflon while dancing, BNXN responded to criticism that he lacked charisma or “Rizz” on his Snapchat page. The musician expressed surprise that in 2023, he still needs to reiterate the apparent rule that touching a woman without her consent is improper.

BNXN highlighted the need of respecting boundaries and consent in all interactions between people, regardless of gender. Many felt that Buju’s reluctance to touch Stefflon Don was motivated by his respect for her ex-partner, Burna Boy, a friend and senior colleague in the Nigerian music industry.

This alliance may have potentially put him in a difficult situation. He highlighted that, as a guy, he knows the need of respecting a woman’s autonomy and refraining from physical contact until express consent or permission is provided.

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