Boosie Badazz Claims That Nipsey Hussle Shielded Him In Los Angeles

Nipsey Hussle’s friends and peers have been coming forward with stories about the Los Angeles rapper ever since his tragic death. Boosie Badazz recently opened out about his bond with Nipsey Hussle in an interview with Vlad TV, describing how the late rapper frequently looked after him whenever he visited Los Angeles.

Boosie said, “Nip was my boy,” adding that Nipsey routinely provided him with drivers and black vehicles for his trips all through the West Coast. “Nip kind of protected me out here! He kind of went out his way to make sure I was safe when I was out here.” Boosie stated that Nipsey Hussle and his relationship had little to do with music because they were both business-minded people. Boosie also spoke about one of their final exchanges.

“Him telling me, ‘Man, we’re the last ones left at this shit.’ That’s what I always remember. That conversation, me and him getting high in the back of the studio in the part where you chill at, and he was just really making me feel like he understood me when he told, like, ‘We the last ones left with this shit. We’re the last ones standing up. We’re the last one speaking.’ That’s the best conversation that I had with him,” Boosie added.

View the complete footage below.

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