Meek Mill’s Trending Exchange With Sneaker Reseller On “How To Hustle” After ‘Deal’ Elicit Social Media Conversations

Meek Mill, one of the most controversial figures in entertainment in recent times, is hot right now because he tried to school -or not- a sneaker reseller how to hustle after a transaction that had displeased the Dreamchasers boss. Meek was not impressed with the $500 price tag for a pair of Jordan Retro 4 x SB Pine Greens when he attended a sneaker expo over the weekend.

Meek Mill'S Trending Exchange With Sneaker Reseller On &Quot;How To Hustle&Quot; After 'Deal' Elicit Social Media Conversations, Yours Truly, News, April 25, 2024

After trying to haggle with the vendor, the Philadelphia rapper reluctantly agreed to pay the amount but later told him that he had “fumbled the bag”. Meek clarified that he might have bought more sneakers or taken other actions to spread his platform and expand the seller’s business if he had been open to negotiating the price.

According to Meek, the seller was supposed to agree to a negotiation because “he was Meek” in exchange for a commercial.

Meek continued:

“If I could buy ’em from the store for the regular price, why would I buy them here for $500? And give you a free commercial — that’s a bad move. I gotta teach you how to hustle,” You want the $500? I could buy these from the store right now for $300. You want $500? It’s a bad move. I’ma buy ’em from you, but that’s a bad sale.”

“You supposed to give ’em to Meek Mill for the low and get the commercial. Boom, I might come back and buy more.”


Though they retailed for $225 in March, the sought-after Retro 4s are currently sold out in stores, contrary to the Philadelphia rapper’s claim that he could get them for $300. Today’s prices are far higher than what Meek had in mind due to consignment stores and large reselling platforms like Flight Club and StockX. To obtain the limited-edition Jordan 4 x SB collaboration, individuals in men’s sizes nine through twelve are even expected to pay between $400 and $600. The conversation went viral on social media, and sneakerheads had much to say.

Meek Mill'S Trending Exchange With Sneaker Reseller On &Quot;How To Hustle&Quot; After 'Deal' Elicit Social Media Conversations, Yours Truly, News, April 25, 2024

“Reselling is a business; you don’t have to get a discount just because you’re a celebrity. Not all companies operate in that way; some are avaricious, and some will,” someone implied in the comments, while another commenter on the opposing side of the dispute believed, “Meek is talking right to him.” To genuinely develop, you must engage in some collaboration. Meek’s simple Instagram video boosts the company’s visibility. You have to develop your hustle.

Following these exchanges, Meek took to Instagram Stories to re-share the video with an additional message in response to the comments about his interaction with the sneaker reseller.

“He was trying to get me at his table … and I got these Jordan 3timex for the regular price go look at my old pics,” he wrote. ” I showed a lot of people in their love … the controlled narrative want it to look one way! “Ask them what I came in the room and did … the internet can’t feel it s really not normal [stars emoji] that’s why I still paid him I don’t think y’all will never Get my mental correct [stars emoji] I came there to bring the whole event attention [wink emoji] .”

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