Busta Rhymes Gets Into Physical Altercation With Fellow Rapper At French Montana’s Listening Party

Last night, an altercation took place between Busta Rhymes and fellow rapper Nizzle Man at a club. According to various sources, the incident occurred at French Montana’s album release party in NYC. René Montana’s mixtape “Mac & Cheese 5 (Versions)” is a massive project, boasting over six hours of content, and he recently discussed it in an interview. A video of the incident was later leaked, which shows Busta getting aggressive with the rapper  Nizzle Man, who was seen stumbling down the stairs, but it’s unclear whether he tripped or was pushed. In the video, Busta is seen going after him and grabbing his wrist to speak with him. At the same time, security surrounds them. It’s not entirely clear what sparked the argument, but Busta is seen having a word with Nizzle Man while a couple of other guys drag him away down a corridor. A few people follow after them, but event security steps in and blocks them from going any further.

Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be any pre-existing feud between the two rappers in the news. It’s unclear whether the incident had anything to do with the album release party or if it was a personal matter between the two rappers. As of now, there haven’t been any official statements from either Busta Rhymes or Nizzle Man. However, the video has sparked much interest and speculation among fans and the media. People are wondering what led to the altercation and whether any further developments will occur.

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