Cam’ron Responds To Claims That He Is Gay Because He Wears Pink Clothes

Throughout his career, Cam’ron has been associated with wearing pink, and he has a message for those who label him gay for doing so. The Dipset rapper brought up remarks about his sexuality he’s received since he wears pink on a recent episode of his talk show It Is What It Is with co-host Ma$e and special guest Paul Pierce.

As is customary for Cam’ron, he retaliated by bringing up the moms of those who criticized it.

Actor Faizon Love bombarded Cam’ron with homophobic memes in 2020, leading to the assumption that he was gay. A 2018 Instagram parody video of the comedian applying for gay roles in Empire and Brokeback Mountain 2 was found by the Harlem rapper as retaliation. Cam’ron admitted earlier this year that he declined a $300,000 bid for his well-known pink fur coat.

This week, rappers other than Cam’ron have also replied to inquiries on their sexuality and self-expression. Similar accusations were recently branded “homophobic” by Kid Cudi on Twitter. He added that anyone who believes that happiness is correlated with a particular sexuality is leading a “sad” and “miserable” life.

Cam’ron had already replied to rumors about his sexual orientation. He responded a few years ago when the actor Faizon Love uploaded parodies of him that suggested he was gay.

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