EARTHGANG Failed To Drop “Ghetto Gods” On Promised Release Date, Leaving Fans Stranded & Confused

Dreamville artistes and Atlanta-born duo, EARTHGANG, did not show up with their new album, “Ghetto Gods”, on the scheduled date for its release, being the 28th of January.

As follow-up to their last, really cool album, Mirrorland, released in 2019, the duo announced that they’d be unleashing their next album and when. The news alone had fans excited and expectant.

The new album, Ghetto Gods, was announced at the same time its trailer was unveiled. Introducing the album in the teaser was fellow Atlanta native and trap rapper, 2 Chainz, who delivered with quality, the arrival of the forthcoming project.

Now you can imagine the let down on their fans when the album failed to pull through on the date it had been promised. Some fans expressed their frustrations on social media, while some were not very surprised.

The lack of surprise in such fans can be traced back to EARTHGANG, who did not as little as put out a cover art for the album, let alone a tracklist. Some fans put two and two together and knew better than to keep their hopes up.

On that same supposed release date, the duo were actually booked for a performance which they honored.

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