Drake Catches His Maid Smelling His Clothes In New Fragrance Oil Commercial

A new ad for Drake’s Better World Fragrance House collection of fragrance oils was just released.

In the ad for his Carby Musk fragrance oil, which is billed as Drake’s characteristic aroma, people are shown sniffing each other’s and their own garments for a satisfying sensory experience.

The rapper reappears in his walk-in closet near the end of the promo, searching for a piece of apparel he realizes has vanished.  To Drake’s disbelief, he then runs across his maid, who is also enamored with the smell of one of his sweaters.

The Better World Fragrance House line was introduced by Drizzy in 2020. It featured a variety of scented candles, one of which was the iconic Carby Musk.

Drake Catches His Maid Smelling His Clothes In New Fragrance Oil Commercial, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024
Better World Fragrance House

This scent has been described as both extrovert and introspective, representing your inner beauty and how you want the world to see you—bold and brilliant. For those who are interested, it “actually smells like Drake,” according to some reports.

He collaborated with Shoppers Drug Mart in April 2022 to launch limited-edition candles that are sold in more than 200 locations in his home country of Canada. Better World Fragrance House and Goodwill Southern California collaborated on a pop-up art display that same year.

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