Cardi B Grooves To Rema’s Global Smash, “Charm”

Grammy-winning artist, Cardi B, was recently seen in a new viral footage vibing to Rema’s smash song “Charm,” warming the hearts of fans everywhere.

In an Instagram live session while heading to a recent event, the female rapper, who has always shown her love and support for the Rave Lorde, was spotted in her ride showing off her new look and asking her 30K+ live audience if they loved her new style.

But as soon as Remy boy’s song came on, the music took over, willing Cardi into singing along, word for word, though mumbling her way through. Before now, though, Cardi had expressed her admiration for the “Calm Down” singer.

In yet another viral clip that hit the web months ago, Cardi B, who had been filming videos of the singer with her husband, was caught raving about Rema and having been very anxious to meet him at the Paris event, where they were all attendees.

Cardi B was grinning as she captured Rema, who was observed standing and conversing with a few guys around. Noticing he was getting caught on Cardi B’s can, the Afrobeats singer turned and waved to her with a smile, which seemed to melt Cardi’s heart.

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