Cardi B Hypes Up Incoming New Album Amid Offset Reunion

Cardi B, the famous rapper, is preparing to release her next album, and she’s starting the album rollout in full gear with the release of her new single, “Like What (Freestyle).” While she had already released “Bongos” with Megan Thee Stallion, her solo return is what has fans excited for something big on the way. Cardi B recently took to her Instagram account to share a screenshot of her computer desktop, filled to the brim with materials she worked on in January 2023, including a preview of a DAW arrangement of another track. This suggests that she has been hard at work creating new music, and fans can expect fresh and innovative sounds on her upcoming album. In the same Instagram post, Cardi B confirmed that her sophomore album, her first in over four years, is set to be released this year. Her fans have been eagerly waiting for her new album, and this confirmation has created a buzz on social media. In her video, Cardi B excitedly teased her fans about her upcoming project, leaving no doubt that they wouldn’t be disappointed.

“Look at how long I had this f***ing record for,” “January 27, twenty-twenty-f***ing-three. I was working on this s**t at 5AM, you know I’m a night owl. I promise y’all this year, I’m not letting my anxiety, I’m not letting what haters say, I’m not letting what fans say… If I do a song, I’ma just f***ing drop it. Well, I got no choice, ’cause I’m dropping my album this year, so… Stay tuned for the announcement, but don’t play with me! Don’t play with me! Look how I sound on it. ‘Cause I know I got a thick accent. *plays ‘Like What (Freestyle)’*.”

The release of Cardi B’s upcoming album has created a buzz of excitement, accompanied by some drama and speculation around her personal life. Her relationship with her on-and-off-again husband, Offset, has been discussed lately. Despite the turmoil in their personal lives, Offset directed the visual for Cardi B’s “Like What (Freestyle),” suggesting that their professional working relationship is still strong. It’s still unclear if there’s more going on between them. The online feud between Nicki Minaj’s fans, the Barbz, and Cardi B’s fans, the Bardi Gang, has reignited with this new album release, but it’s only a minor distraction from what’s to come. Cardi B’s fans can expect an album packed with surprises and new sounds, which will undoubtedly be a massive hit. So, let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy what’s to come from this talented rapper.

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