Cardi B Set To Drop Album; Shares “Like What” Freestyle On Missy Elliott’s Classic

After releasing a new teaser on social media, Cardi B has finally excited her fans with her return and appears to be prepared to begin an album’s debut. The mother of two had revealed that the “Like What” freestyle would be released on Friday, March 1, which made the Bardi Gang feel ecstatic.

Furthermore, based on the teases, it appears that this song samples the iconic Missy Elliott song “She’s A B***h.” Because of this, many fans are eager to hear how the Bronx MC slays this beat and whether she will pay further tribute to her fellow femcees.

Indeed, there are many reasons for ardent fans to rejoice here, chief among them being that they have at last seen a legit “Cardi B update” on social media. After she inactivated her accounts and went social media-silent following her marriage issues, her followers launched a massive search for her on Twitter that included numerous intricate memes, images, and trending hashtags.

This simply serves to highlight the degree of expectation that the mother of two has been building all these years. Since the release of her ‘Invasion of Privacy,’ the Bardi Gang has been hoping that she will succeed and show her detractors that she can do amazing things again.

Even Cardi B’s intermittent spouse, Offset, is looking forward to what’s next. It’s unclear at this point whether the two of them are indeed back together. In addition to their recent connections amid reports of a reconciliation, the former Migo also took some time to preview new music of his own and even reveal plans for a tour in the works. As for his wife, he insisted that she drop the project as quickly as possible, and this “Like What” freestyle suggests that he may have been right and the upcoming album will be all shades of hot.

All that’s left to do is wait and enjoy the build-up to the release as the 31-year-old had formally revealed the cover art and announcement on her Instagram page on Wednesday, February 28.


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