Cassette Travels To Space On His New Genre-bending Single ‘Passin Tha’

As every independent artist must take a journey into the unknown, Cassette launches into space in ‘PASSIN THA’. Recovering from a tumultuous move to Los Angeles from Minneapolis, Cassette releases his first single of 2022 with hungry passion. Cassette sets himself apart from his two previous indie-pop releases, and delivers an uproarious hip-hop anthem for his listeners. The lead synth in ‘PASSIN THA’ encapsulates the ethereal feeling of blasting into space. All while surpassing your competition. Putting your all into a craft and reaping the benefits.Cassette Travels To Space On His New Genre-Bending Single ‘Passin Tha’, Yours Truly, News, February 26, 2024

The rollout included a sci-fi influenced teaser video reminiscent of a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Cassette plays an astronaut who gracefully puts on a space helmet as he prepares for an adventure. Cassette is then pictured in a spaceship cockpit as he overlooks the Earth. Suddenly, turbulence shakes the spaceship to the drop of a sweeping 808.



Cassette’s past singles ‘Miss My Flight’ and ‘Fumble(Kerry)’ have been highlighted by many curators, the most prominent being a feature on Minneapolis Public Radio’s The Local Current Radio Station. ‘Miss My Flight’ was called a “perfect song for the end of summer” by The Local Current. Additionally, IndieTapes called ‘Miss My Flight’ “an outstanding lo-fi experience.”

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, Cassette is the fluid personal music project of 24-year old French-American Gaëdy Bindoula. Using versatile tools like Trap drums, 90’s French Disco grooves, and Psychedelic synths, listeners are gifted a vivid and immersive array of sounds.

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