Charly Boy Airs His Frustration On The Mass Migration Of Nigerians

The Nigerian artist and political activist Charly Boy has expressed his concerns on the country’s ongoing mass migration to Europe and other regions of the world. Charly Boy has frequently bemoaned Nigeria’s leadership issue and how it has resulted in a lack of opportunity, widespread corruption, and a general fall in the standard of living for common people.

He argues that the failure of Nigerian authorities to offer basic social amenities and to foster an environment favorable to growth and development is a primary cause of the mass migration. According to Charly Boy, the issue of mass migration is not only one of moral deterioration but also of economic difficulties.

He thinks that Nigerians created a situation that threatens the nation’s very survival by allowing its worst elements to seize control of the country’s government and economy. A vicious circle of hopelessness and despair brought on by the lack of possibilities has led many Nigerians to risk their lives in order to flee to Europe and other parts of the world.

Young people are flocking the UK Visa Application Center (TSL) in Ikeja, Lagos, as seen in a video Charly posted, which you can find below.

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