Check Out Every Demand You Must Meet To Book Burna Boy For A Show

Burna Boy does not call himself the African Giant for no reason. He has been making moves befitting that title. He’s been selling out shows all over the world and has even bagged a Grammy Award. In addition, he has also been nominated for the 2023 Grammys which he just might scoop up. And the more an artist achieves for his/herself in the industry, the higher their booking prices. It’s a no-brainer…or should be.

Added to the fact that Burna is one showy braggadocio, the good music and his achievements speak for him and so should his booking fee, although a lot of folks have lamented over how incredibly pricey Burna’s fee is and yes, it is ridiculous. And we’re not talking about just Burna as one person, his entire crew get premium treatments as well.

According to rumors, an organizer would need to pay a performance fee of $500,000 before bringing Burna Boy for a performance. After getting that out of the way, the organizer would need to reserve a 13-seater Challenger jet for Burna Boy. The “Kilometer” hit-maker will be met at the airport by a convoy of five vehicles, including a Sprinter bus, a van, and three SUVs. The artist should have access to the vehicle throughout the journey.

Burna Boy stays in a four- or five-star hotel for lodging. A smoking executive suite, two junior suites, a deluxe king room, and six double standard rooms with large mirrors should have been reserved by the hotel. There should be a green room in the hotel where he and his team may unwind while not performing. The green room ought to be made private and furnished with a smoking area.

Three meals should be served every day in each of the ten rooms, and the menu should normally include jollof rice, plantains, four different types of fried fish, seabass, and salmon, among other things. Salad, fried yams, shellfish, and chicken should also be considered.

Twelve bottles of still and carbonated spring water, eight ginger ales, six sprites, six Pepsi sodas, fresh grapes, strawberries, pineapples, mangoes, and watermelons should always be present in his dressing room, along with three bottles of Veuve Cliqout champagne, one bottle each of Hennessey XO cognac and Jack Daniels whiskey, six black face towels and four black bath towels, and four bottles each of white wine, preferably a Chardonnay.

Burna Boy doesn’t travel with his band. Only him, his manager, and his close friends are allowed on the jet. The host will need to reserve 14 airline tickets for Burna Boy’s band after consulting with their management. 24 bottles of still and carbonated water, 12 ginger ales, 8 Sprites, 8 Pepsi, a bottle of Hennessy VSOP, a bottle of Jameson whiskey, 14 black face towels, and 12 black bath towels should all be placed in the dressing area of his band.

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