Theory Debunked : Video Makes ‘Vibranium’ Claims.

When users from around the world share, comment, and like certain posts, theories and popular videos quickly become hot conversation topics.

A weird assumption gained popularity when users claimed that “electrically charged stones” discovered in the Congo contained the “metal” vibranium.

Millions of people watched a Twitter video from a website called Africa Archives that showcased stones and made claims about vibranium.

Experts have since come on to say Vibranium does not exist.

Writers for Marvel Comics invented the metal. Daredevil #13 featured the compound for the first time. Throughout the first Blank Panther film, references were made to the fictitious metal, which can release and absorb kinetic energy.

Vibranium, the material used to make Black Panther’s outfit, endows the Marvel superhero with incredible strength.

When a video from the Twitter account Africa Archives began circulating on the website and gaining popularity on other platforms, bogus vibranium claims began to surface.

The video “Electrically charged stones discovered in Congo” shows a man demonstrating sparks shooting from a tiny graphite-colored stone. Another video shows what seems like sparks flying between two giant rocks.

Although the stones in the viral video are not obvious, precious metals like cobalt, coltan, gold, and copper are frequently discovered in Congo. Meanwhile, various metals and minerals’ chemical and physical characteristics are routinely examined for conductivity.

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