Check Out The On-Foot Look Of The Brand New Adidas YEEZY 450 “Utility Black”

We now have a first-person look at the adidas YEEZY 450 “Utility Black” in advance of YEEZY Day 2022. The upcoming shoe, which is anticipated to go on sale this week, has a sophisticated tonal appearance that draws attention to its distinctive design.

The black Primeknit uppers of the adidas YEEZY 450 “Utility Black” are distinguished by sock-like collars and coordinating braided laces. The sole marking included on the sneaker is the YEEZY Globe logos printed on the insoles. Matching molded sole components with a dynamically carved shape that extends up onto the uppers elevate the shoe.

The adidas YEEZY 450 “Utility Black,” which retails for $210 USD, is now scheduled to go on sale on August 3 as part of YEEZY Day through YEEZY Supply, adidas, and a few other retailers.

The new kicks are definitely for you if the “Dark Slate” pair that was launched the previous year wasn’t dark enough for you. The faded black/brownish knit upper from the “Dark Slate” gets swapped out for a pure black knit top on the YEEZY 450 “Utility Black.” For a monochromatic, worn-out appearance, the laces and soft PU injected mid-sole composition are also available in black. The upper is composed of recycled materials to a 50% extent.

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