Christina Aguilera Officially Apologises For Cancellation Of Two L.A. Shows Due To Flu

As previously revealed, Christina Aguilera canceled her weekend residency performances in Las Vegas due to illness in the form of the flu. Following the fantastic start of her show at Voltaire at The Venetian at the end of the year, the pop star made the decision to postpone her scheduled performances for Friday, January 5, and Saturday, January 6.

Still, she made time to apologize to her fans once more, hoping to heal in time to deliver them an incredible show. The hitmaker of “Genie in a Bottle” released the following statement, which the club posted:

“After welcoming all of you to the new year from the stage in Las Vegas, I’ve been welcomed with a new year flu!!! I’m sorry to share that my two shows this weekend will be rescheduled while I rest – and I cannot wait to be back on that stage in a few weeks. I’m incredibly proud of this show and grateful for all of the support and love after opening weekend see you soon,”

Speaking on her flu case, Voltaire creator Michael Gruber told the media that it wasn’t just Christina who was down, apparently. He said,

“Everybody is getting the flu … And she’s not the first one to have it. Other artists and staff have had it, and there’s nothing you can do.”

Fans will be expecting their fav back on the stage soon and have continued to pour in solidarity messages and Get-Well-Soon wishes.

Christina Aguilera Officially Apologises For Cancellation Of Two L.a. Shows Due To Flu, Yours Truly, News, April 24, 2024

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