Basketmouth Reveals Why AY Wasn’t Billed To Perform At His Show Despite Extending Invite

Clips have circulated online as renowned Nigerian comedian Basketmouth, also known as Bright Okpocha, spoke of inviting fellow comedian and former adversary AY Makun to his highly anticipated gig in Lagos that was held on Sunday, even as videos from the show are expected to trend online in the coming days. This act effectively ends the 17-year-old dispute between Basketmouth and AY, which also came after Basketmouth publicly expressed remorse for disagreements with AY in a viral apology post a few months ago.

Basketmouth Reveals Why Ay Wasn'T Billed To Perform At His Show Despite Extending Invite, Yours Truly, News, April 12, 2024

In an interview with Arise TV, Basketmouth stated that even though AY had been invited to the event at the esteemed Eko Hotel & Suites, he would not be taking the stage for a performance or brief cameo. Clarifying the record, Basketmouth said,

“AY is not scheduled to perform at the event, but he will be in attendance. I sent him his ticket a few days ago.”

Addressing the rumours about AY’s involvement, Basketmouth provided more information about the lineup for the show.

“I understand that many have been curious about whether AY will be performing. The truth is, he is not part of the lineup.” In actual fact, the comedy lineup is quite concise. Bovi will be the master of ceremonies. Other acts include Senator, Dan The Humorous, and Aproko from Abuja. Additionally, we have a few talents joining us from Ghana.”

Basketmouth highlighted, going into detail about the practical limitations that kept AY from making a brief appearance:

“AY cannot make a surprise appearance because the show is meticulously scripted. We are recording for television, so it’s a meticulously planned three-hour extravaganza. The production crew and directors arrived in the country just a few days ago.”

“Before their arrival, every aspect of the show had already been meticulously orchestrated. It’s not the kind of event where spontaneity can be accommodated. The entire production is meticulously timed and choreographed to perfection.”

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