Daddy Freeze Reacts To Pastor Adeboye’s Controversial Weather Miracle

Celebrity media personality, Daddy Freeze, has declared that he cannot serve a God who is incapable of saving innocent, young victims like Mohbad and artist Osinachi. Daddy Freeze made his statement after Pastor Enoch Adeboye had given an account of a miracle in which God altered the weather in the US for the sake of his visit.

In a viral footage from his sermon, Pastor Adeboye announced that he had received an invitation to attend a winter program in Colorado, USA. But according to the man of God, he prayed to God to stall winter for the duration of his visit because his body was not compatible with the wild cold out there.

Responding to Pastor Adeboye’s miracle story, Daddy Freeze has turned to his Instagram page to dish his hot takes on the issue. In the now deleted video, Freeze came for Pastor Adeboye for his remarks, ranting and asserting that he will not be caught dead worshipping a god incapable to bring young, gifted musicians like Mohbad and Osinachi back to life.

He continued by saying that he could not follow a god that allowed his tithe-paying children to live in poverty and hunger as a result of the naira’s sharp decline in value.

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