Day6 Set To Drop Mini-album ‘Fourever’

Day6, the popular K-pop band from South Korea, is finally making a comeback with their first album as a group in almost three years. Day6 has always been known for its electrifying and emotional live shows, and the announcement was accompanied by a short trailer film featuring old footage from some of its past performances. The mini-album, titled ‘Fourever’, is set to release later this month, and fans can hardly wait for its arrival. The band announced their highly anticipated comeback on March 4 at midnight KST through Twitter, now known as X. The announcement revealed the title and format of a mini-album containing a collection of new songs. The project’s name, ‘Fourever’, is an interesting play on words and a tribute to the band’s current number of members.

Day6 Set To Drop Mini-Album ‘Fourever’, Yours Truly, News, May 20, 2024
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The instrumental in the trailer is believed to be lifted from one of the new songs on the upcoming album, adding to fans’ excitement worldwide. Although the band has not yet revealed the tracklist and title track, ‘Fourever’ is scheduled to release on March 18 and is expected to be a smashing hit. The upcoming release of ‘Fourever’ will mark Day6’s first album as a full group in nearly three years, following the completion of their mandatory military service.

Day6 originally debuted with six members, but since keyboardist and vocalist Junhyeok left the band in 2016 and guitarist and vocalist Jae left in 2021, they have continued activities as a quartet. The current members of Day6 are Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon. Their last album together, ‘The Book of Us: Negentropy’, was released in April 2021 and was the fourth in the band’s ‘The Book of Us’ series of albums.

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