DJ Whoo Kid Says More Disses From Drake Incoming

Drake’s “Push Ups” was a surprising release that caught fans off guard. The song starts with DJ Whoo Kid’s voice, making it a fitting choice given his affiliation with 50 Cent and the classic rap feuds of the 2000s. As a hype man, Whoo Kid knows how to play the game, and he did it perfectly for Drake on Instagram. After the song leaked online, Whoo Kid teased more disses from the Canadian superstar, leaving fans excited for more.

Whoo Kid didn’t provide specifics regarding the diss tracks but hinted they were coming soon. He wrote on Instagram, “More coming soon,” over a screenshot from the comedy film Major Payne. Whoo Kid’s involvement in “Push Ups” makes him a reliable source of information on Drake’s disses. The Reddit thread r/Drizzy pointed out that Whoo Kid’s vocals resemble his introductions on the old G-Unit mixtapes. These mixtapes established Whoo Kid’s brand and allowed 50 to take shots at dozens of other rappers. As a result, some speculate that Drake will drop a G-Unit-style mixtape hosted by Whoo Kid.

Drake has enough enemies to fill up an entire mixtape, including Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, The Weeknd, Future, and Metro Boomin. He took shots at all of them on “Push Ups,” but made it clear that he had more to say. “This ain’t even everything I know; don’t wake the demon up,” he rapped in the second verse. Whoo Kid’s relationship with Drake lasts a decade, and the DJ claims he never gets personally invested in beef.

During a 2016 interview with BBC Radio, DJ Whoo Kid said he always kept things professional. “Never choose sides,” he asserted. “I’ve been with 50 for a million years but never choose sides. I know the levels of how deep the beef is, so depending on how deep the beef is, it puts a plug on whether I play the [diss] song or not on my show.” It doesn’t sound like there’s a plug on the tracks Whoo Kid and Drake have been cooking up, however. Hopefully, the DJ’s claims of “soon” come to fruition. In conclusion, including DJ Whoo Kid’s voice on “Push Ups” was a fitting choice. It has sparked excitement among fans, who eagerly await the release of more diss tracks from Drake. With Drake’s history of beefing with other rappers, the possibility of a G-Unit-style mixtape hosted by Whoo Kid is intriguing. It’s an exciting time for fans of rap music, and the possibility of new music from Drake and Whoo Kid will surely keep fans on the edge of their seats.

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