Don Toliver/Kali Uchis Working On Perfect Baby’s Name To Represent Both Of Them

Don Toliver, a talented singer and songwriter signed to Cactus Jack Records, recently shared some exciting news. Don and his long-time partner, fellow artist Kali Uchis, are expecting a baby soon. Don expressed his enthusiasm for the new addition to their family, and he believes that their baby, whom he refers to as a boy, should carry on the family name. However, they have yet to decide which name that will be. They are working together to choose the perfect name, and Don has revealed that the process has been a collaborative effort between him and Kali. They both have unique stage names and legal names, so the possibilities are endless, and they are taking their time to make sure they choose the perfect name that reflects their family’s values and traditions. The couple recently announced their pregnancy in a touching video celebrating their childhoods. They shared that they are equally excited about the new chapter in their lives and the journey they will embark on together as parents. Don is confident they will make great parents and is committed to being there for his partner throughout the process.

Meanwhile, Don is enjoying his success in the R&B music scene, and he is excited about the upcoming arrival of his baby. Recently, he made a grand entrance at the Hyde Nightclub in WeHo on the same personalized chopper as the one featured in his new “Bandit” music video, showcasing his love for adventure.

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