Drake Bet $1.15 Million On Kansas City Chiefs To Win Super Bowl

Renowned singer and rapper Drake has recently made headlines for winning a significant bet, which might have finally put an end to the curse that has been following him. In a daring move, Drake placed a bet of $1.15 million on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl, causing concern among Chiefs fans who know his betting history. Drake, who has a reputation for losing big bets, jokingly shared a picture of his betting receipt on Instagram, claiming he couldn’t “bet against the Swifties,” referring to Taylor Swift’s fanbase.

Drake has gained notoriety for being a “bad omen” for teams he supports, with fans dubbing him “a curse.” His betting record is full of evidence to back this claim, with teams and players, such as the Kentucky Wildcats, Alabama Crimson Tide, and even Conor McGregor, losing critical matches after Drake’s support. This phenomenon of superstition in sports has piqued the interest of many sports fans, who keep an eye on Drake’s betting habits.

However, Drake’s luck seems to have taken a turn for the better recently. He won two bets during last year’s NBA finals and just over $3.5 million when the Kansas City Chiefs won the title last year. Thus, it seems that Drake might have brought good luck to Kansas City.


Drake Bet $1.15 Million On Kansas City Chiefs To Win Super Bowl, Yours Truly, News, February 24, 2024

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