Drake Has “Middle Fingers Up” For His Haters In New Instagram Post

In his most recent Instagram post, which is receiving much attention, Drake appears to be addressing all of his recent disagreements. The rapper has had a turbulent few weeks, and it’s unclear how these feuds will be settled. While doing his “It’s All A Blur” gigs last week, the “biggest rapper in the world” got into multiple arguments with regular partners. As a result, when Future and Metro Boomin’s much-awaited joint album “We Don’t Trust You,” featuring the song “Like That,” was released, the tensions only got worse.

The song’s diss verse by Kendrick Lamar, directed at Drake and J. Cole, caused much controversy and sparked multiple feuds. The one with Travis Scott was most notable, who encouraged Future and Metro Boomin to perform the Drake Diss while spotted backstage at their Rolling Loud show. Drake answered by feigning to shoot at a head prop of Scott’s while he performed their joint song, “Meltdown.” Additionally, Drake and Rick Ross got into a fight that ended with the rappers unfollowing one another on Instagram. Furthermore, Drake has an indirect hand in another beef that Sexy Red and Joe Budden have. While they frequently cross paths, Budden asserted on his podcast that Drake must be paid to hang out with Sexy Red and expressed disbelief that Drake appreciated Red’s company. Red responded by labelling Budden as “dumb” on Twitter. A few days later, she revealed an explicit video of herself twerking on Drake during their joint performance as proof that he might be fun to be around.

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