Drake’s Dad: “Haters Are Only Looking For A Boost In Sales”

Future and Metro Boomin released their new joint album, WE DON’T TRUST YOU, over the weekend and Kendrick Lamar features on the song “Like That,” which is right in the middle of the tracklist. He shocked fans by criticizing Drake and J. Cole in his verse, which prompted rap conversation all weekend long. However, Drake’s father has weighed in on people who try to criticize his son on Instagram. Even though he’s kidding, a lot of his supporters jump in the comments to support him. It seems like Kendrick’s verse really struck a nerve with some fans, sparking debates about loyalty and competition in the rap game. Drake’s father’s playful response only added fuel to the fire, keeping the conversation going strong on social media.

His Instagram post read,

“Yo I am about to drop some new music and I am not sure if it’s going to sell” “but I am going to call some of my homies and get them start a beef with Drake and get them to unfollow him and that’s going make my shit shoot up to number 1, I’m sure this is going to work so let me get some people on board for this and watch what kind of attention this gets!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL BE NUMBER ONE 1Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Drake responded to Kendrick Lamar’s beef in a public manner over the weekend. In reaction, he gave his remarks at a show on his It’s All A Blur Tour. Naturally, he’s attempting to ignore the whole thing, adopt a dignified attitude, and provide as little information as possible. Many fans viewed this as a lackluster reaction to a callout that was so pleased to single out the rapper. It remains to be seen if Drake and Future have been individually. Metro Boomin asserted that fans were merely making stuff up to get attention when he was questioned about it. At some point, the truth will be revealed. Neither party has addressed the situation individually or in its entirety, leaving fans speculating about the truth behind the allegations. Metro Boomin’s dismissal of the rumors may indicate that there is more to the story than what has been presented so far.

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