Drake Receives Backlash As Toronto ‘Tomb’ Hoax Attracts More Fans

Fans of Drake are making fun of him for unmet demands after they fell for a prank by a comedian that claimed the rapper’s tomb was being constructed in downtown Toronto.

Comedian Graeme Barrett, who plays the site supervisor as construction workers build a pyramid-shaped mausoleum for Drake’s burial, uploaded a fully-produced false news piece on Wednesday, January 10.

In reference to the numerous speculations that have surfaced over Drake’s closeness with the show’s star Millie Bobby Brown, he also mentioned that the only sealed object in the tomb will be a pirated copy of Stranger Things.

Fans ridiculed Drake’s absurd afterlife wishes as the video circulated on social media and X, apparently oblivious to the fact that the entire exchange was a joke. Some sought to draw attention to the fact that not enough people were discussing the memorial, though.

But Barrett’s previous material was instantly recognized by followers on Instagram, who started making jokes about how “Drake’s the type.” With over 17.6 billion streams, Canadian artist Drake ranked as the most streamed rapper on Spotify in 2023.

Anticipating the upcoming year, Drizzy disclosed intentions to expand his live performance around Europe and other regions. The tour will come after Drake and J. Cole’s series of joint shows, which is scheduled to end in March.

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