Dunsin Oyekan Explains His Decision To Perform At Events For Free

Gospel music minister Dunsin Oyekan has shared his motivations for not charging for his performances, giving insight into his unusual approach to singing at gatherings.

In a brief online interview published on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, content creator Timi Agbaje asked about Oyekan’s pre-performance routines, which sparked a conversation on how secular musicians frequently use alcohol to get the perfect mood before a performance. Instead, Oyekan disclosed, he uses prayer and speaking in tongues to get in tune with the spirit before beginning to sing.

Oyekan gave a contemplative answer when asked if gospel performers need to charge for their appearances at festivals. He stressed that the musician’s consecration will ultimately determine the choice. Oyekan clarified that, contrary to other musicians who might feel pressured to charge, his personal consecration directs him to perform without requesting for payment in return.

Oyekan stuck to his guns, saying again that he doesn’t want to get paid for his performances. He conveyed his appreciation for the gifts he still receives from the Lord in spite of this choice.

Oyekan’s unshakeable faith and principles within the gospel music industry are demonstrated by his passion to his profession and his commitment to upholding his consecration.

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