Eighty Ninety Release New Single/Video “Stay Alive”

The indie-pop duo Eighty Ninety, comprising siblings Abner (lead vocals, producer) and Harper James (guitarist, producer), has made a comeback with their latest single, “Stay Alive,” set to feature on their forthcoming debut album.

“Stay Alive” comes after the album’s first successful track, “2 Carat,” and is packed with genuine and intense emotion. Abner candidly discusses his mental health struggles in the song, without holding anything back. He explains that “Stay Alive” delves into how mental health challenges can impact our relationships, and how our coping mechanisms, along with the support from loved ones, can help us navigate life’s toughest moments. Throughout his life, music has been a source of solace for Abner, both as a listener and a composer, though he’s never explicitly touched on this subject in his songs before.Eighty Ninety Release New Single/Video &Quot;Stay Alive&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

During a difficult period in his life, Abner began composing “Stay Alive” while sitting at the piano. The song evolved from that point, and the brothers transformed the intimate ballad into an uplifting pop tune that anticipates better days to come.

Abner describes the track as a commitment to be present for himself, recognizing that the more stable part of him understands that such emotions are fleeting. He hopes the song can also be a comforting reminder to others experiencing tough times and convey to their listeners that the duo’s music aims to offer solace and happiness.

The accompanying music video, created by Abner and Olivia Kimmel, effectively captures the melancholic mood of the song. Abner explains that the dreamy, vintage, and almost surreal setting represents the mental state described in the song, while the final shot of sunlight symbolizes hope and optimism.

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