Freddie Gibbs Reignites Beef With Gunna By Dancing To "Poochie Gown" On Stage

Rapper, Freddie Gibbs has just put an old, unfinished beef back on fire and is stirring the pot.

Freddie Gibbs hopped on Twitter on Sunday, March 27th, to post a couple of tweets in which he seems to be reigniting his long-standing feud with the “Pushin P” rapper, Gunna.

Tweeting early Sunday afternoon, Gibbs wrote, “I can’t f*ck with Freddie Gibbs” – an infamous bar from Gunna’s “Poochie Gown,” followed up some minutes later by a clip in which him and a woman singing along to the diss, with “F*ck Freddie Gibbs” written in the caption.

Within seconds Gibbs retaliated with even more content to hurl at his enemy, posting a video of him dancing to “Poochie Gown” on stage standing before an amped-up audience, writing in the caption, “My theme song,” alongside a rabbit emoji.

According to XXL Mag, the beef between Gibbs and Gunna started in 2020 when the former had seemingly indirectly called the latter a snitch. “If [you] was on Crime Stoppers TV [you] a snitch,” he wrote at the time. “Ain’t no way around it.”

Gunna refuted the claims almost immediately when he came on The Breakfast Club, saying he was not involved in any case, let alone snitch on anyone. Freddie Gibbs seems really desperate for this feud to continue.

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