Gunna and Victor Thompson Light Up the Stage with “This Year”

An Unexpected Collaboration Captivates Fans

In a recent concert that took place at the YouTube Theatre in Los Angeles, renowned rapper Gunna surprised fans by inviting gospel songwriter and singer, Victor Thompson, to join him on stage. The duo delivered a captivating performance of Thompson’s hit song, “This Year.” Originally, “This Year” is a collaboration between Victor Thompson and Ehis D. However, Gunna seamlessly stepped into the role for this special live performance, adding his unique touch to the song.

Victor Thompson, known for his contributions to the gospel music scene, has seen significant success with “This Year.” The track made its mark on the Afrobeat chart, initially securing the 43rd spot and later climbing to the 35th position in February. The song’s uplifting message combined with its catchy rhythm has resonated with many, making it a favorite among fans.

The collaboration between Gunna and Thompson was unexpected, especially considering Gunna’s recent controversies. The rapper, along with Young Thug, faced a RICO indictment, with allegations tying them to the Bloods, a group deemed a “criminal street gang” by prosecutors. The group has been linked to a series of violent crimes in the Atlanta area. Despite the serious charges, Gunna managed to distance himself from the case, leading to speculations and allegations of snitching.

On a brighter note, Thompson’s recent works include a collaboration with Limoblaze titled “My Matter,” which also features UK artist Becca Folkes. This track further cements the rise of Afrogospels, showcasing its potential to resonate on a global scale.

While there hasn’t been any official word on a potential remix of “This Year” featuring Gunna, fans have already labeled their live performance as such on various platforms. Social media platforms, including X (formerly known as Twitter), have been abuzz with reactions to this unexpected pairing. One user, @tyro1k, aptly summed up the sentiment by tweeting, “Gunna on Afrobeats is heavenly.”

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