Tope Alabi Faces Backlash for Using Traditional Language in Church Service

Yoruba Traditionalists Invite Gospel Singer To Join Their Ranks

In a surprising turn of events, renowned gospel singer Tope Alabi has been called out by Yoruba traditionalists after she used their language during a church ministration. The incident, which has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, occurred when Alabi used the phrase “Aboru Aboye,” a greeting commonly used among traditional worshippers.

The video of Alabi using the traditional greeting during her church service quickly went viral, leading to a wave of criticism from social media users who questioned the appropriateness of using such language in a church setting. Some even went as far as questioning her spirituality.

However, the backlash from the public didn’t end there. In an unexpected twist, Yoruba traditionalists have extended an invitation to Alabi to join their ranks. This invitation was issued in response to her use of their language during her church service.

The controversy surrounding Alabi’s use of traditional language in a church setting has led to a broader discussion about the intersection of religion and culture. While some social media users have defended Alabi’s actions, others have argued that certain phrases and greetings should be reserved for specific contexts and should not be used in a church setting.

This is not the first time Alabi has been embroiled in controversy. She was previously linked to the late Prophet Ajanaku, who was known for his involvement in traditional practices. Alabi has always maintained that there was nothing inappropriate about her relationship with Ajanaku, stating that she had severed ties with him three years before rumors of his involvement in traditional practices surfaced.

As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact Alabi’s career and reputation. However, one thing is clear: the conversation about the intersection of religion and culture in Nigeria is far from over.

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